The Best Gold IRA Companies

Best Gold IRA Companies

The Best Gold IRA Companies


Suppose you are looking for a fantastic hedge against traditional stock markets and the current high inflation rates but also want to take advantage of the tax breaks that an IRA can provide. In that case, there is no better investment than a gold IRA. Gold IRAs are a new way to invest in an asset that humans have used throughout history to store their fortunes in both good times and bad. We will tell you about the advantages that Gold IRAs provide and let you know which companies we have found to be the best of the best for investing, and why we think they are above the others in the field. Let’s get right on with it. 

What Do Gold IRAs Bring to the Table?

Investing in a Gold IRA, ensures that you are diversifying your retirement portfolio and this is on a tax-deferred basis because of an IRA’s preferential tax treatment. This means that if you transfer or “roll over” a portion of your existing IRA or other tax advantaged account into a Gold IRA, it will not trigger any tax implications. Also, when you open a Gold IRA, you can make annual contributions of $6,000 if you are under age 50 and $7,000 (catch up) if you are over age 50. The companies that we have found can help you navigate the regulatory requirements, avoid any tax pitfalls, allow you to diversify your portfolio with gold and any other precious metals, and stabilize your portfolio and retirement. 

There are the three main benefits of investing in a gold IRA:

Excellent Portfolio Diversification- Allocating a portion of your retirement savings to gold and other precious metals provides diversification in an uncorrelated asset that has proven to protect funds, even when markets, currencies, and governments fail. Equity and bond markets are all paper-based; paper is all you have when things go bad. Physical gold and other precious metals provide you with an added layer of protection and diversification.

Inflation Hedge- with time, inflation erodes a currency’s value and the real returns that an investment pays. Gold is used as a hedge against inflation’s effects; the higher the inflation, the faster gold’s price will generally rise. It stays a powerful force against the dollar’s devaluation.

Profit Potential- The historical performance of gold is relatively consistent over time. This is especially so with an evolving hostile political and economic environment.

In 2000, gold was priced at $257 per ounce; in 2022, it is sitting at $1,963

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This is a 664% increase, a near 7X return on investment.

Gold is a store of value (SOV) and has a long history of being so. Even when times are tough, history has shown that gold climbs in value which makes it a valued addition to diversified portfolios

Best Gold IRA Companies

We have scoured the world, the internet, and polled our users to find the best-rated Gold IRA companies. The two companies that came out ahead have both been in business for years, with strong reputations, and they are offering novel products that other companies have yet to even think of. Your readers have highly recommended both because of their commitment to service, low fees, and excellent results. 

Regal IRA

Regal was started over ten years ago by a young Tyler Gallagher, who wanted to innovate the alternative assets business with its unnecessary hurdles and bureaucracy. Regal Assets is now the highest-rated alternative asset firm in the country and has accolades from Forbes, Smart Money, the Huffington Post, and others, being ranked #20 in the INC 500 financial services category. 

Regal Assets has all types of gold and other precious metals available for purchase and investment. Assets are held under your name, stored separately, and independently audited; there is no pooling/shared ownership. Accounts are insured to the total asset value, and you receive custody certificates periodically to document holdings. Fees are flat on a per-year basis, not as a percentage that grows as your assets’ values increase.

The offering that sets Regal Assets apart is its Regal IRA which is the world’s first Alternative Asset IRA to allow both precious metal (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium) and crypto-asset (cryptocurrency) investment. This is a combination that you can not find anywhere else, and it is an exhaustive list of all of the assets from each category that are legally available for purchase by the US government. You can take advantage of both types of assets with a single investment, choosing what you want to invest in or you can take the investment advice of the professional asset managers that Regal has and follow their guidance. With the Regal IRA, it is the kind of fund where you can set it and forget it, looking at the growth over the years. 

The regal IRA is the kind of future-driven investment that will eventually be available by other companies, but you won’t yet find it elsewhere. 


Goldco has also been in the gold investing business for over a decade, with an A+ Better Business Bureau(BBB) rating and thousands of customers. They provide investors with precious metal investments for anyone with an IRA, 401(k), 403(b), TSP, or similar tax-advantaged retirement account. Goldco will also sell metals direct to their clients, and Goldco guarantees the highest buyback price, which helps if your financial circumstances change.

Goldco has made the opening of a new IRA (or rolling over assets from another plan) simple, needing only three easy steps:

  1. Open your IRA– this only involves signing an agreement that a company representative can walk you through to secure a purchase.
  2. Fund Your Self-Directed IRA– You can fund your IRA by rolling over or transferring assets from your existing retirement accounts or creating a new account. The great benefit is that rollovers and transfers typically occur without tax consequences.
  3. Purchase Your Precious Metals– with these funds, you then choose which precious metals you’d like to have and submit the orders.

It is that easy. Goldco is an excellent choice for anyone that knows what they want to invest in and does not want to pay high fees. 

To learn more about gold and other precious metal IRAs, CLICK HERE


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